Arts! Arcata – Think Inside the Box


April’s Arts! Arcata exhibit is a community sourced art project facilitated by the creative reuse center, SCRAP Humboldt. After receiving a donation of thousands of gift boxes, the nonprofit project held an open call to artists and gave away almost one hundred gift boxes to classes, students, teachers, artists and the public. The boxes will be on display at SCRAP Humboldt, for the month of April with an Arts! Arcata reception on Friday, April 11 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


GeoCache Maker Madness!


A gathering to celebrate cache makers in our community and to inspire more cache creation! Geocaches are a gift to us all. Let’s celebrate all the Lost Coast Geocachers who have placed caches for us to find. Some of these caches challenge us physically, others workout the brain, many have crazy camouflage, and clever apparatus, but they all required creativity and ingenuity!
-Sign the log
-Swap loot
-Put faces to names
-Share stories
-Eat snacks
-Hear tips & techniques from geocache “masters”
-Win prizes (cache creation inspiration) Awards for favorites (post your nominees in the log!)
This event is being sponsored by the playful and creative crew at SCRAP Humboldt – Humboldt’s First Creative Reuse Center. SCRAP appreciates geocaching as a positive community activity and is excited to support geocache makers. LINK to GEOCACHE
 Check out our Geocache Cache sale too! Everything you need to get out in nature and discover (or make your own) cache! Click here to add it to your calendar!



Join SCRAP Humboldt at Redwood Curtain Brewing Company on Sunday March 23 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for some volunbeering! Get a discount on beverages while helping SCRAP Humboldt assemble their 100% volunteer powered Collage Packs! Redwood Curtain Brewing Company will donate a portion of all sales to SCRAP!

“Think Inside the Box” – A Call to Artists

1920513_703631859676566_354705742_n            Sometimes you have to “think outside the box” when it comes to receiving a donation of thousands of gift boxes. Thankfully, the donation coincides with the one year anniversary of Humboldt’s first creative reuse center opening their doors. Since then, the small nonprofit project has been busy diverting materials from the landfill and sharing these items with the community. In honor of their upcoming birthday celebration, SCRAP Humboldt is inviting the community to participate in their community art project.  Swing by SCRAP to pick up a gift box in March, “ Think Inside the Box” and transform it into a small art piece. Return the gift box to SCRAP by Thursday April 10 for exhibition during April Arts! Arcata.

The Winners of Reuse:Redesign


Old denim jeans, birdseed bags, t-shirts, neck ties, and gift ribbon are just some of the materials that were transformed into reusable bags in SCRAP Humboldt’s Reuse:Redesign contest. Over forty reusable bags were entered by participants from four different countries. A selection of the winning bags will be exhibited during Arts! Arcata on Friday, March 14 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at SCRAP Humboldt, on the corner of south G street and H street (101) in Arcata.

In celebration of the City of Arcata’s Reusable Bag Ordinance, SCRAP Humboldt invited the community to submit their own reusable shopping bag creations.  Jackie Hamilton of Fortuna’s It’s Sew You, won the “People’s Choice Award” for her repurposed bag made from an old pair of pants.  Jessica  Waggoner won  the “SCRAP Favorite” award for her finely crafted and detailed plarn (yarn made from plastic bags) bag.

Click here to seel all of the entries.

Friends of the Dunes + SCRAP Humboldt!

1798874_697770166929402_568012846_nNature Journal Workshop

Saturday, February 22, 2014
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Join naturalist and artist Julie Clark to learn some of the skills needed to make a nature journal on Saturday February 22, from 1 to 3 p.m. Using reused materials supplied by SCRAP Humboldt, participants will learn how techniques such as leaf rubbings, collage, contour drawing and poetry can be used to create a work of art that captures your outdoor experiences.

In addition, a brief lesson about the Lewis and Clark expedition will highlight the importance of making detailed drawings of the flora and fauna of any given area. Weather permitting, participants will take a short hike to practice water color/contour drawing in their newly created nature journals.

Open to adults and adult/child teams. (Appropriate for children 9 years and older). Adults: $16 members/$20 non-members. Children: $8 member/$10 nonmembers. Snacks and supplies will be provided.

R.S.V.P your space by calling (707) 444-1397 or email

Reuse: Redesign Winners!


1. SCRAP Favorite – Jessica Waggoner

2. People’s Choice – Jackie Hamilton of It’s Sew You (38 votes)

3. Most Unique Materials – Allison Poklembla

4. Creative Expression – Johanna Anderson

5. Oldest Bag Award- Pam Sowerwine

6. The Sweetest Reuse – Lee Ann Duclo

7. The Heavy Lifter Award – Teresa Landlaw

8. Best Humboldt Spirit Award – Laurie Lynch

9. Best Grandma Makeover – Marinamoo

10.Most Eye Catching Award – Karen Aguilar

11.The Biggest heart award – Athena Rose

12.Raven Approved, Raven Proof Award – Patty Demant

13.The Eat Your Veggies Award – Linda Medoff

14.The Chic Farmer Award – Penny Renner

15.The Not Afraid to use a Sewing Machine….It is a Machine Award – Paul


16.The Golden Bag Award (Professional) – Spring Garrett

17.The Missing Sock Award – Brenda Pendleton

18.The Lumberjack Award – Bonnie Broderick

19.Reuse isn’t just for the birds Award – Virginia Elrod

20.Day to Night Award – Mari Penley

21.Extending the Life of a T-shirt Award – City Arts

22.The International Award for Most Unique Materials – Gitte Leth


23.The International Creative Expression Award – Liane Beukel

24.The International People’s Choice Award – Helle Klindt

25.Youth – Best Unique Material – Sierra

26.Youth – Best Creative Expression – Nazalin

27.Youth – People’s Choice Award – Sasha Dronkers

For the Love of Robots – Arts! Arcata

For the Love of Robots


The word ‘Robot’ was first coined in 1921 by Karel Capek, a Czech author. However the concept existed long before its official publication. The human fascination and fondness for metal machines is at the heart of SCRAP Humboldt’s February exhibit titled ‘For the Love of Robots’ by local artist Michelle Remy.  Using found materials; she transforms pieces of metal and wood into small machines that look like they are one step away from coming to life. An opening reception will be held at SCRAP Humboldt on Valentine’s Day, Friday February 14 during Arts! Arcata from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. View art and make  a last minute love card in the workshop space at SCRAP Humboldt.

            The sculptures will be paired with two-dimensional drawings that pay tribute to, according to the artist “those steadfast mechanical men that march bravely into unknown adventures.  Though electronics may malfunction and aliens attack, robots proceed undaunted, recording all that transpires and enriching hard drives with their discoveries.  In a geeky sort of way, that’s a wonderful approach to life, that most complicated and unpredictable of missions.

In love with art since she could curl her fingers around a crayon, Michelle Remy has been creating and teaching art for more years than she could count.

A graduate of Humboldt State University’s studio art program, she specializes in mixed media works on both canvas and paper (such as art journals & artist books.)  Lately, as evidenced by this show, she has also been tinkering around with found object sculpture. To learn more about Michelle visit her website at





reuseable bags

A call to find the most creative reusable bags in Humboldt

Have you crocheted a bag out of plastic bags?  Maybe you quilted over a logo on a freebie? SCRAP Humboldt is looking for the best looking bag in Humboldt! The City of Arcata’s Reusable bag ordinance goes into effect on February 1 and in conjunction SCRAP Humboldt is hosting a contest in search of how Humboldt County creates, embellishes, redesigns what a reusable bag can be. If you have a handmade, or redesigned bag, or have just been waiting for inspiration, now is the time to show us what you can do!

Photographs along with a brief description of the materials used to create the bag can be emailed to starting on Saturday February 1 and ending at 6pm on Thursday, February 13. All of the photographs will be uploaded to an album on SCRAP Humboldt’s Facebook page ( Prizes will be given to bags and their creators based on “Creative Expression”, “Most Unique Materials” and the “People’s Choice Award.” Winners will be announced on-line and at SCRAP Humboldt during Arts Arcata on Friday, February 14, because we love you! All participants will be invited to showcase their creations in an exhibit, for the month of March, at SCRAP Humboldt.

We know that many of our community members are Reusable Bag super heroes; having created and been reusing their own bag for years.  It’s your turn to shine for your environmentally sustainable behavior.  It’s your turn to share your reusable bag know-how with a city of reusable bag newbies and help us all become reusable bag super heroes!